Monday, November 7, 2011

About the 1%

about the 1% - the real challenge is to keep the system and corporations in tact and to continue at the same time to improve the lot of everyone - taking from those who have is not the answer - but only seems to be for those who do not understand that pulling down or destroying that which creates such great wealth will not help those in great poverty but will only lessen their chances of having their lives improve - it is a different perspective that is needed to see that real wealth has not been created yet -

Thursday, June 30, 2011


I often think how very important it is to me at least to remember that the tools of the Wall Street Market that are called shares or stocks of a company afford an extremely important chance to the user of these tools and that is liquidity - the ability to move in and out of this marketplace - to cash in these securities (sell) - stocks - shares with great ease - where else can one sell what one has at a profit so easily and buy what one wants without much work and even specify a price if one wants to gain the asset at a specific predetermined price - profit can be made both upon entering this market by purchasing at a low price and upon existing the market by selling at a substantially higher price than one has originally paid for a security or share or stock of a company - but in addition there are an infinite number of points in between where the trader can obtain cash to do some other transaction whether he or she sells some of what he or she owns at a large profit or at a loss - in these cases the obtaining of the cash is a paramount factor altogether -

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Miser -

well - I have been thinking a lot lately about this story that I read recently entitled:

"The True Value of Money is Not in its Possession But in Its Use"

and in relation to this story - what is exactly this entire concept of investing and in essence has it become more of a miserly type of activity as opposed to the use if the tools that are there to increase one's accumulation - things get a little sticky there for me since investing in the tools of wall street - such as stocks - at least with the radical changes in directions of the market in today's financial environment is a rather slippery slope to say the least - from one perspective if one takes the approach of trading rather than simply investing and in a large number or a sufficiently large collection of different securities - then there is a good chance that trading can be carried out such that a person can always be in a position to utilize some or at least whatever capital or cash that is needed at any single point in time -