Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Miser -

well - I have been thinking a lot lately about this story that I read recently entitled:

"The True Value of Money is Not in its Possession But in Its Use"

and in relation to this story - what is exactly this entire concept of investing and in essence has it become more of a miserly type of activity as opposed to the use if the tools that are there to increase one's accumulation - things get a little sticky there for me since investing in the tools of wall street - such as stocks - at least with the radical changes in directions of the market in today's financial environment is a rather slippery slope to say the least - from one perspective if one takes the approach of trading rather than simply investing and in a large number or a sufficiently large collection of different securities - then there is a good chance that trading can be carried out such that a person can always be in a position to utilize some or at least whatever capital or cash that is needed at any single point in time -